Natural Light.

Today we were set a task to venture off into the college and find interesting natural light to use for simple head shots. Me and Anete started went all over the campus and founds lots of different lighting. The images were only taken on my iPhone 5 so they are not of best quality but you can see the variety of light within college. But one main problem I did have is that my phone has a auto brightness filter built in which I couldn’t disable. This did cause many problems, but lucky I could disable it off each image, which did take up time.

Here are some that I found were successful:

I especially like the one where the light from the blind is hitting Anete’s face as it gives a distorted effect which is emphasised with her facial expression. A modern take on the checkerboard effect.

If I could have done this again I would have used my DSLR as my phone made things complicated with the auto brightness, but I believe I coped well.