Revisit to Trinity Church.

The Friday just gone I attended the choir meeting and rehearsals to understand what my client wants and how i’ll be able to photograph under poor lighting conditions and discuss compositions. I took a few basic shots please forgive me for the out of focus ones the lighting was very poor and didn’t have a tripod to hand. I also have to take in to consideration that the images will be taken during the day when the light will be shinning through the majority of the stain glass windows. I want to borrow from the AV stores a set of Bowens lights, possibly try the shots with a tripod, a beauty dish for close ups and individual shots with instruments. The only problems I am going to come across is the white balance and moving around with the power points being so few around the building. But overall I am very hopeful because I will have full control over the subjects and have full rain over all angles I can shoot at. ¬†Any way here are some basic shots again apologise for the poor quality.