New Year New blog.

For my final year I have created a new blog. Here it is:


My first wedding

This weekend I worked with the Wilson’s to photograph their special day. Here are some examples of my outcome.

Revisit to Trinity Church.

The Friday just gone I attended the choir meeting and rehearsals to understand what my client wants and how i’ll be able to photograph under poor lighting conditions and discuss compositions. I took a few basic shots please forgive me for the out of focus ones the lighting was very poor and didn’t have a tripod to hand. I also have to take in to consideration that the images will be taken during the day when the light will be shinning through the majority of the stain glass windows. I want to borrow from the AV stores a set of Bowens lights, possibly try the shots with a tripod, a beauty dish for close ups and individual shots with instruments. The only problems I am going to come across is the white balance and moving around with the power points being so few around the building. But overall I am very hopeful because I will have full control over the subjects and have full rain over all angles I can shoot at.  Any way here are some basic shots again apologise for the poor quality.


Trinity Church

A new opportunity has arose. Trinity church have come to me asking for me to do some picture on the choir for there scholarships and a range of their stain glass windows which reach heights of 40 foot in the air. I am unsure as to how I am going to achieve an even view of the stain glass windows as my main focal point should be in the middle of the windows. But I went to go look around my new location and gather information like what the client would like and what is allowed in a listed building. As for the choir I am hope to borrow some Bowen’s lights to light up the choir or to have just incase the natural light source is poor. During my visit I was lucky enough to be taken up the clock tower to the top of the church which has astounding views of Hull and further. Here are some of the views and rooms

Mastering Keywords in Lightroom: Part 1

Photofocus (old site)

Keywording is one of those tasks that many photographers dread, put off, forget about, and then at some point in the future wish they had done more thoroughly from the start. I am guilty of this myself. Applying keywords (or tags) to your photos allows you to leverage the power of Lightroom’s database (catalog) to help you find, filter, and organize your photos in a variety of ways (and it only gets more powerful over time). The only downside is that it is a manual process that we just have to make ourselves follow through on a regular basis. In the first segment of this series on keywording we’ll look at the process of developing a keyword list.

Create a Hierarchy

Before you start to apply keywords to your photos it really helps to begin by giving some thought to creating a keyword list in a hierarchical structure inside the…

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Natural Light.

Today we were set a task to venture off into the college and find interesting natural light to use for simple head shots. Me and Anete started went all over the campus and founds lots of different lighting. The images were only taken on my iPhone 5 so they are not of best quality but you can see the variety of light within college. But one main problem I did have is that my phone has a auto brightness filter built in which I couldn’t disable. This did cause many problems, but lucky I could disable it off each image, which did take up time.

Here are some that I found were successful:

I especially like the one where the light from the blind is hitting Anete’s face as it gives a distorted effect which is emphasised with her facial expression. A modern take on the checkerboard effect.

If I could have done this again I would have used my DSLR as my phone made things complicated with the auto brightness, but I believe I coped well.