Website Design

Website Design

In this project we have been asked to create a website for our photography, and allow our clients to see our work and contact us for work. I will learn skills for web design which will be used in the future for many publishing purposes.


Now this project, I am very excited about; I’ve always wanted an online portfolio but didn’t want something that everyone could get such as flickr. I would love a website which could guide you round my work as a photographer but all so have an additional part which would transform into my art business ( the one which I created the logo for). This way it would tie all my work together for all different clients to see. I would like my clients to have the opportunity to see and use both aspects; in simple examples tesco store, where you can do online grocery shopping but on the same website you can order furniture and home insurance. An online art experience to share and learn from. My clients should be also able to buy items of the website eventually off both aspects of my work.

I have been looking at other photographers and seeing how creative their websites can be. I came across Anderson’s website and I fell for the simple layout and large welcoming slide show but also the menu on the left hand side could contain both my work and my working progress of a business. I’d also like the idea of a split page as a landing page so the client can see both and choose and through out both website there’d be a link to the other aspect of my work. I haven’t found any other websites that I like, I think I need to think a bit more about what I want from my website and what I want my audience to see. Its difficult as I haven’t narrowed down my genre of photography to work towards. As you can see I have a lot of different ideas and need to focus on what is the best way to show off my work and future business. But I am confident that I want both with the website.!


Further Ideas.

I have broken down my website into five main pages.


Will have a small selection of images with the logo bold at the top of the page above the titled pages. This way it is easy to understand and consume on the clients behalf.


Hi I am Aimee and I’m part of Alive photography.

I have been a professional photographer from 2012 when I exhibited in Hull Artlink situated on Princes Avenue, Since then I have started my degree in Photography and worked on many different projects from charity events, to product shots for websites. I do not have a defined genre of photography, as I enjoy all aspects and like a challenge which brings me out of my comfort zone. In the future I hope to open a studio; this will be expanded at a later date. If you’d like me to work on a project with you don’t hesitate to ask.  I would also like to tie in some images of me working on a project and showing the final image.


Will be a large selection of all different genres of work I work in, hopefully tagged so clients can find the images they desire first. But I do not want the images to be neat and boring, I want them to be interactive, I have found this gallery option within wix to create a collage which can be moved around by the viewer to find which image they are looking for.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 22.09.29


This page will help the clients feel more at ease with hiring a photographer. I would like to have a get in touch section for clients to write to the business and discuss ideas with photographers, making the process of finding the right photographer easier. I would also like to include images of my working on projects and with clients, to visualise what it is like working with me.


The blog will be the making of my business, I want a blog to have so I can document my work, my first wedding, my first product shots, exhibitions, making my clients involved and have the chance to see how I work persuading them to hire me. Again I will be using a feature within wix.


Number of Visitors

This one’s an easy one. Knowing just how many people are coming through to your site is important. It will help give you a good idea of how well your SEO, PPC, social media, and other advertising methods are working when trying to get people to come to your site.

Number of Unique Visitors

This is a bit more important than number of visitors. This stat keeps track of the number of brand new visitors that come to your site. For example, the number of visitors will keep track of each time your page is visited. So if it’s the same visitor simply visiting your page 100 times, that would be your number of visitors. But in this same example, the number of unique visitors would be 1.

Length of Stay

As a true measure of quality content and overall site design, tracking the length of a visitor’s stay is an outstanding source of information. If your visitors are spending less than 30 seconds on your site, it means they have not taken the next step to become a client for one of the following reasons: (1) the content you provided was lack-luster and not valuable to them (2) site design detoured them from pursuing further, (3) site layout was too difficult to navigate and find what they wanted, or (4) there wasn’t a lead capture form or a reason for them to submit their information. If you happen to see that your site’s average length of stay starts to drop (or never rises above that 30 second range), you need to act fast because your online reputation is truly at stake. Remember that quality content is key, and that your site needs to include some form of interaction and value to your target audience. Continuously analyzing this information will allow you to keep a constant pulse of your visitor interest and content relevancy.

Source of Traffic

Measuring the sources of your site traffic is extraordinarily important as it indicates the search engine optimization efforts as well as the link building, e-mail, and print marketing campaigns which feature your site. Keep in mind that search engine optimisation (both local and global) take time to increase site traffic, but if you do not see traffic driven from search engines within 4 to 6 months then it’s time to re-evaluate the campaign. The same holds true for e-mail campaigns and link-building strategies – allow a few months to see a change and react.

Pages Visited

While measuring the average site time and source of traffic is tremendously important, analyzing the pages visited in a stay is even more important. In other words, if a site visitor merely lands on the home page and then clicks to get out of the site (even if they stayed for 2 minutes on that home page), there is no feeling of loyalty built which does not help conversion rating. Analyzing pages visited can also help determine if the content you have on your site is directional and engaging. If the content does not have both of those characteristics then the sub-pages of your site will feel the impact. Keep a close eye on these statistics and make the necessary changes as soon as possible to direct people to take action on your site. In summary, tracking site statistics is one of the most important tasks that can be done for your business and online reputation.

Wix. is a cloud-based web development platform that allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites, through the use of their online drag and drop tools. As a web development platform, it is an easy way to create your own website, the basics are hard to understand after using normal software but once you’ve adjusted it is easy and enjoyable bringing your business to life. I didn’t have any big problems with wix apart from purchasing a domain and then not being able to connect it without signing up to a monthly fee, I felt slightly cheated but now that I work out the domain, the website is up and fully functioning. I would use wix again if I had to make another website purely because how easy and quick the process was.

Here is my website –> A.Firth Photography

Now I have finished my website, I am able to see how I can expand it, with the use of site booster, and online invoices to send to customers, this website is already helping me see my business’s potential and allowing me to think on how to improve it and bring more clientele my way. In the near future I would like to upload video’s and images of me working on projects and blogging about projects creating a discussion within the art world. Eventually I would like to have my website linked to a main website which hold many different artists from different mediums, where we all come together to work on projects together keeping the work force on the same side, understand and enjoy they’re jobs

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 16.08.53



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