In this project we have been given list of image which we should create, find and capture:

1) Red Ball


2) Still Life


3) Do a Slinkachu


4) A dangerous place


5) Picture of a boat with shallow depth of field

I wanted to put a twist on this title, therefore I created an origami boat so I could be in control of where the boat is placed making it more accessible to photograph. I like these images because they are fun and playful; the use of origami gives it a childish side. I especially like the boat on a sea of ice, because the cubes mimic waves.




6) Couple


7) Beautiful bokeh


8) Cat


I have an idea using a stuff toy in my flat that has an interesting story. To be continued.

9)Rush hour


10) Timeless beauty









11) Things in a pile

This I just happened across this weekend and couldn’t resist the family sofa which has chopped up and thrown on to the front. A pile of family memories in the front yard. Im not happy  with the lighting but like I said I only happened across it and wasn’t prepared. If its still there I’d like to go back to take one in the day to contrast with this one, the image might look different with a more natural lighting.



Another one I have has been taken in a vintage clothing store room.



And another is from a vintage clothing warehouse where everything is thrown into piles before being sorted.


12) Into the light


13) Decision


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