Recreation Portrait.

Recreation Paintings.

These images above are ones I created last year. As you can see I have done a few famous paintings. For this project I want to do something new, a new painting. I have looked into a few different paintings on one of my favourite art websites Boom I wanted something that was a simple composition but with a different light. Paintings by Palestinian-American art student Daliah L. Ammar, currently earning her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Self Portrait.

Well, like every one else, no one likes having their picture taken let alone taking a picture of themselves. Yet again similar to the recreational painting I don’t want to do a classic, because I’ve done the ones I like. I looked through lots of different portraits and this one screamed at me. I have to do it! Javier Palacios is the artist who created these intriguing oil painted portraits, I’d like to recreate these for my self portrait.

Now although this style is pretty basic, I really like it, but I would like to put my own twist on it with my own facial expressions. The lighting I tried from above and under and also tried left and right of the frame, the left and right angling worked much better and I achieved my self portrait, also I had a lot of fun playing around with facial expressions and head high as each pose casted a different shadow on my face contorting it more.


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